The traditional training I received gave me the skill set to paint and draw, but the emotional content I pour into my paintings stems from my connection during those early transformative years as a child spent in nature discovering it's magic. The calmness of a quiet space, the rushing sounds of the creek, spring birds chirping around me.
To this background, I also connect to the stories of ancient lore, old German fairytales, and magical forests enhanced by family travels to Germany. As I explored old castles, walked through cobblestone paved villages and visited museums, I gained a deepening sense of connection to the history of art and the artists. 
When painting, I am often immersed into the world of ancient artists, those skilled craftspeople who captured the essence of their subject, preserving it for hundreds of years. I paint to continue this time honored tradition and to give a gift for generations to come.

Round Rock Arts 2019 Fall Show.
2nd Place

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