Provide your favorite pictures and ideas.
It is best to have a couple of photo options. This helps me see all aspects of the person/pet being painted. Be sure the picture isn't blurry or low resolution. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect one!

I really enjoyed working with this family to capture this loving moment amongst siblings. The mother commissioned this as Grandparents gift and she chose this picture specifically for the fleeting moment of togetherness. Often hard to capture and always treasured in the hearts of parents.
This photo provided by the client was missing a lot of tonal values due to the filter used when taken. Since she loved the pose I decided to use it referencing another picture provided by her for the details. Sized at 8" x 10" my attention and ability to paint details, created a beautiful end result.

I absolutely loved painting this photo which was provided by the client. The subject matter was great and I loved the fact that the client had commissioned it for her husband as a gift. Apparently, it is her husbands favorite picture as it accurately reflects each of their kids personalities. Great fun!
 A challenge I occasionally come across with candid shots like this is that they can be distorted. Using a camera you are subjected to a wall-eye effect. Observing closely you will notice that the kids look as if they are leaning outward, their bodies get smaller towards the bottom-to the right of the photo.  With a photo our brains accept this as we know it is real but with a painting it creates unlikely quirks and obvious flaws.
To overcome this for the final result, I straightened the kids form and expanded the lower parts of their bodies. This gives the impression they are standing right in front of you.

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